Anama LilyHere I Am

Passionate paper artist, Reiki Master and a Jack of all other trades. Devoted to all things Love & Light, I believe Beauty is Love that can be seen and art is the way I let existence speak to me and through me.

I have many stories to share but I am not very good at telling them.

Back in 2011, I saw a quilled piece of art for the first time and my life changed forever. I have been in love with spirals for as long as I can remember and looking at that spiral art form, time just stopped for me and I was captivated. Ever since then I have been quilling, learning, expanding, expressing and loving every minute of it.

It just so happened that my discovery was preceded by a 2 year long journey into myself, a journey that involved much heartache, countless hours of meditation, daily Reiki practice, barrels worth of flower essences and a whole lot of silent praying while I was deconstructing before being whole again.

So, I cannot help but feel that quilling was sent to me as a gift, a wink from existence responding to my silence. It is that gift that I long to share and this site is an introvert’s way of expressing and giving back.

I quill, therefore the world is a better place.

Drawing inspiration from my spiritual background and my fascination with transformation, I especially enjoy combining healing and paper arts to create pieces that uplift the vibration of their surroundings. Reiki symbols, crystals, Feng Shui principles and ThetaHealing® techniques are some of the ways I use to infuse my artworks with soul.

But the best part is always the Joy. The joy creativity brings to all that witness it in action and in fruition.

Among my quilling highlights is the fact that I am the first Greek member of the UK Quilling Guild and its local representative in my country. I am one of a very (very) few quillers here in Greece and, at least to my knowledge, the only one with such extensive experience and wholehearted devotion to the art. Something that makes me feel proud and honored.

In 2013, I had my first solo exhibition in art cafe Da Capitano, where my work was warmly received and the event proved to be amazingly fun.

In 2016, I became the first (and to this day only) Greek ever to have achieved Accreditation by the UK Quilling Guild. A recognition that I count among my most precious accomplishments.

In my spare time, I quill some more, watch movies and series like crazy, read books, connect with people I love, expand and share my insights on spirituality and healing, meditate and pray, drink coffee, daydream on future creations… Simply put, I just follow my bliss wherever it takes me. Not without the occasional traps and bumps that come along with it.

Everything is made possible because of my unseen hero, my husband, who supports all my crazy adventures with unwavering trust and lets me be myself without compromises, in good times but most importantly in bad.

The most precious things in life, I have learned through my son who always shines on me, teaching me the power of Unconditional Love and filling me with courage no matter what.

Welcome! May you have a good time, here and everywhere.

Love & Light & PaperSpirals,