Sitting Silently
Folding Papers
June Comes
And the Kusudamas Bloom In My Hands
Kusudama | Love Letters

June is proving to be the month the Kusudamas bloom. I have long lost count of the petals I folded and I am not nearly done yet! Almost feels awkard that my most popular creation is not a quilled item. Almost. I guess I should have known it from the start because the moment you see one you are forever hooked in its magic. And although I thought I could not love it any more, I was proved wrong. I can. My recent custom orders scored big time!

(You will have to excuse the bad quality of the photos. I was in a hurry to finish it off in time and the weather did not help me at all with the lighting. Nonetheless, I wanted to share this with you and take the opportunity to show you a few steps along the way of creating it.)

The Kusudama above seems a bit like this one but it is a lot more special and unique. It was ordered by a friend as a gift for his girlfriend and it is made from pages that are printed with love letters they have exchanged in the past. Yeap! I do offer discreet services as well!

So, what I did was print their letters in heavy paper and then cut 60 square sheets out of them. I even used different fonts to emphasize the distinction between his and her words. Aawww! The sheets were manipulated to add a bit more character and the feel of old correspondence and sprayed with a fixing spray (I was a bit concerned about the ink fading and wanted to prolong its life).

Kusudama | Love Letters

This is how a pile of sixty paper sheets looks like.

Then I stared at them intensely and they bloomed. Yeah, right…
Kusudama | Love Letters

60 petals were folded in a loving (yet obsessive compulsive) way and assembled into a perfect Kusudama ball <3

Kusudama | Love Letters

Sixty petals. Phew!

Kusudama | Love Letters

Bloomed into 12 kusudama flowers.

For the stamens we decided with my client to use amethyst chips.
Kusudama | Love Letters

You cannot get any more personalized! The result was heart melting awesomeness! I loved it, he loved it, she loved it, everyone loved it. It is my artistic mission to infuse paper objects with atmosphere, to create artifacts of love & light for rememberance. That is what my art is all about. This has got to be the most precious kusudama that has ever bloomed in my hands and I am deeply grateful to have been trusted with such a delicate, loving and vulnerable creation…
Kusudama | Love Letters

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