Blooming Silence

Told you I fell in love with canvas as background! This is my third in a row (and I have already started the next one…). The idea for a piece on silence has been on my mind for quite some time and actually this is the second attempt. First one did not work as well as I had imagined it and got abandoned.

Blooming Silence

For this one I used a 24×30 cm canvas and attempted a mixed media approach for the background. I used torn pages from an old Greek dictionary which I decoupaged and then added hints of acrylic paint to give it a slightly aged, bordered look.

I wanted to just play with the juxtaposition of words versus silence and show how they are not opposites. Rather, the translucence of silence is ever-present among all noises, the field from which all words appear and to which all words disappear.

The funny thing is that on the day I started this project, my son came back from school with an assignment from his teacher to start a dictionary of his own. And so, we spent a whole evening in our living room table, mother tearing up a dictionary, destroying words and child writing a dictionary from scratch, creating concepts. Such is the harmony. My husband had a good laugh seeing us!

To reinforce this dance between words and silence, I only used two colors, the obvious black and the not so obvious white with silver lining. The photos don’t do it enough justice but it is there and it looks gorgeous from up close!
Blooming Silence

Lack of noise is not the silence I am talking about here. To find this silence you have to face, question and abandon all known words and concepts. Much like in the canvas, silence blooms after tearing down the mind’s dictionary.

And when this happens, words are again just words.

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