Lately I have been experimenting and deeply enjoying intuitive abstract art. I am loving this process of painting with acrylics and other media without thinking or planning, but instead just letting myself go wild with colors, get messy and finally be surprised by the outcome. It never fails to satisfy me. Left with quite a huge stash of paper paintings and having a brand new laminator at hand, it was pretty obvious they would make the perfect covers for my custom made Mini Happy Planners. After all, I always keep a healthy supply of discs in my studio and paper is never on shortage around here.

All the inserts were cut from leftover notebook pages from my son’s school supplies (I always keep whatever is left after the end of a school year to use in my projects) and punched in small batches. The process is a bit tedious but super easy once you have the tools. I replicated the dimensions of the Mini Happy Planner as I find them to be the perfect size for me. Some notebooks are filled with plain lined paper and some with watercolor paper, perfect for art journaling. Each paper painting was cut in half for the front and back covers and laminated for strength and durability before being punched and assembled. The leftover strips proved enough to make two vertical and two horizontal bookmarks for each planner. Perfect!

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