After introducing my card series it became obvious that I needed to keep some kind of record for each design so that I can try to duplicate or at least approximate it if I need. Up until now if I wanted to trace something circular I just went around the house and used whatever object seemed to have the dimensions of my liking. So, I have used all kinds of bottles from nail polish to glues to you-name-it and also pens, thick markers, rulers, etc etc.

The thing is that when jotting down the design specifics for easy reference in the future, there came a moment that I just had to write: 2 strips around yellow glue bottle. And then in another instance it had to be: 1 strip wrapped around small metal ruler. Jeez!! It sounded horrible! And since I am a perfectionist (what perfection means to me is a whole other -very interesting- matter), I decided to make my own templates. And this is what I came up with.

Quilling Forms

I just took thick corrugated paper and rolled it in various dimensions, especially those that come in handy in more than just one of my designs. I then covered each one with a different colored paper and mod podged them for a nice finish.

They are not much, I know. But they are (somewhat) practical and more, I wanna say harmonious?, than my previous system. Now the little reference card can write: 2 strips around blue. Much better!!!

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