Accept Yourself

My latest quillography artwork is one of the dearest in my heart.

Deeply & Completely Accept Yourself is the healing statement used in EFT/Tapping, with which I am currently in a love affair. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a healing modality that relieves from all sorts of stress in the most compassionate, easy, fast and permanent way.
Accept Yourself

During this past summer, I found my body wrecked in havoc by hormonal imbalances due to adrenal dysfunction. The doctor’s prescription fell hard on me: Stress & Anxiety Forbidden. Easier said than done, heh? A friend suggested this weird method for stress relief that involved tapping at certain acupressure points. Seemed silly at the time, especially since I am already a Reiki Master/Teacher and have countless hours of meditation and Reiki on my back. Not easily impressed. But I indulged myself. In a week, my blood pressure dropped, all systems went smooth, anxiety faded away and in the follow up tests all hormones were back to normal, meaning I would not have to take pills or discuss the possibility of surgery. I fell in love.
Accept Yourself
Seeing that amazing improvement in such a short time, I dived into a tapping marathon, cleaning inside out my pain body and to this day I continue to tap away. I am still at awe with how much stress I was secretly holding in my body and the degree of effortless flow I enjoy when it comes out of the picture. I am now on my way to becoming an EFT practitioner in the hope of sharing this gift with the world. Can you imagine a world of stress free individuals living their purpose instead of fighting off imaginary obstacles? I do!


None of that would be possible if it weren’t for Nick Ortner and the whole team at The Tapping Solution, who so generously share information and guidance. If you are interested yourself, I encourage you to take a peek. His books are a good starting point but if you are really serious about weeding your inner garden I highly recommend The Tapping Solution For Financial Success & Personal Fullfillment 7-week Program. I have just recently completed it myself and its value to my life has been priceless. If you DO enroll in the program, let me know! You can find me in the private Facebook group for its participants and I would love, love, love to hear your awesome breakthroughs!

Accept YourselfNow, having two lovers is no easy business but mine get along just fine! Quilling & Tapping unite in this creation as a tribute to my tapping journey of catharsis. And it’s for a super good cause. Twenty percent of the earnings will be donated to The Tapping Solution Foundation that does an amazing job at bringing relief to those who need it.

The frame measures 52×42 cm and is ready to hang. You can see more of it here.

It’s Art. It’s For A Cause. And that feels gooood. Deeply & Completely…

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