Jewel In The Lotus

After the last big canvas, I had the urge to return to small scale (only to take a breath before diving into my next project). This little cutie measures 13×18 cm and strikes a cord through its simple yet profound sentiment. I can picture it on the wall of a kid’s room setting the tone for his/her discovery of the Jewel In The Lotus.

Or maybe at an office desk as a little reminder of what’s important.

Jewel In The Lotus


Speaking of the office… Some of you may have noticed that lately I have been more active in my blogging and quilling adventures. The thing is that I got fired recently from my day job and I am now able to devote more time in what I love best.

So, I am in kind of a double burn situation here.

Fired (as in dismissed from the office) and Fired (as in fueled  to pursue my passion).

Not that bad, I say. If you like it hot that is…


I will spare you all the gruesome details of my time in The Office and how I got sacked (which are quite surreal and would definitely make for a very successful sitcom) and just share with you my own resolution of this chapter.

Jewel In The LotusIn the stinking atmosphere of being treated like a worthless nobody by The Manager for the last five years, I remembered my unconditional worth and mastered the art of transforming bullshit into fertilizer. (Which, for clarity’s shake, does not excuse those who deliver them).

Existence has a really funny way to hit you with contradictions till you get the message and transcend duality. So it happens that on the occasion of the company’s expansion and future ISO accreditation, I am no longer compatible. Which, in reality, is the best compliment anyone has ever given me!

Who would have known that this would be the place where I discovered the Jewel In My Lotus?

Deeply grateful for all the hardships and all the laughs, for the friends I made in there, for remembering myself, for standing on my feet and for slipping at the stairs. And for all the discoveries. Not the least of which are the Bach Flower Essences, Reiki and Quilling itself!

At the moment, I am planning on focusing all my energy to quilling and alternative therapies.

About time…

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