Planner peace is not easily achieved, as we all know damn well in the planner community. It takes endless trials and errors to find the perfect system that fits exactly to your needs and when you do, it’s usually not long before the next challenge creeps up to spoil that sweet delightful spot of peace and comfort. Searching for a resolution to my bookmarking needs and decorative vs functional personal preferences, I recently made this triple bookmark for my bullet journal. It looked like it ticked all the right boxes – beautiful, minimal, in harmony with my Hobonichi’s aesthetics. In practice though, it did not do as well as I had expected. My cover’s two bookmarks dangle and mix with the additional three, making it impractical to use. It is not the smooth functional experience I was going for.

In this video you can see the solution I came up with and how I diy my book tabs. The idea of washi tape tabs is surely not a new one in the planning community, we all have washi tape in our stash. Washi bookmarks look beautiful, are lightweight, repositionable, very versatile, you can write on them if you wish, make as many or as few as needed with very little effort and cost. The only drawback is that they feel very flimsy. However with the additional step of adding a little piece of cardstock underneath you can overcome this problem, while also making sure that all of your tabs have the same dimensions. Smart, right? I have been using this system for a couple of weeks now and it works wonders. Planner peace!

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