As a consumer I deeply appreciate and enjoy thoughtful packaging and I know it can make a difference on the whole experience of a purchase.
Hobonichi Collection


There are certain cases where I even go as far as to collect the packaging after I have unboxed its contents. My fellow planners, bullet journalers and Hobonichi lovers will understand exactly what I’m saying!



Inevitably, as a creator I strive to bring that level of thought and care into my packaging as well. There is something really satisfying in giving attention to all the little details and communicating how much love, creativity and appreciation I put in all of my work. Besides, and equally important, I immensely enjoy doing it!

For my earrings, I generally use some variation of the packaging process you see in the above video. Everybody knows I love paper and recycling crafts, so it’s not a surprise that I try to use book pages and paper packaging as often as I can. The addition of a wax seal on top of my origami boxes makes them all the more cute and loveable. Plus, I always add a little small surprise treat inside and in keeping with my book pages theme, I make my own small paper pouches to hide them in.

By the way, my evil eye quilled earrings are proving to be a real hit for 2020. I wonder why… 😆

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