Intuitive abstract painting with acrylics and various other media on paper. Thought you might like to get a sneak peek into my intuitive process. I absolutely love painting this way without thinking or planning anything. The result is always joyful and surprising, like a journey back into my inner child. Most of the times, especially when using paper, I paint in batches and move from sheet to sheet as the previous layers are drying. Watching paint dry is the one thing I could do without honestly!

These are going to be used as custom covers for Mini Happy Planner notebooks and art journals. I always have plenty of handmade journals ready to give away as presents to my coachees if our work together calls for notes, trackers or journaling. They never fail to impress! And from my experience, a journal you are in love with can make all the difference in how often and how efficiently you use it to turn your goals into reality. #winwin

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