Hey! As you may have noticed I have disappeared from the blog and facebook after announcing my upcoming exhibition and I just thought it was about time to fill you in on some news. It has been a chaos of a month! It all started when Gabriel met PaperSpirals and it has been rippling ever since. Who is Gabriel? This is Gabriel!
Da Capitano Exhibition

The guy that shoved me and my spirals into exposure by putting this exhibition together. I just love this picture and how my husband captured the atmosphere of our relationship. He totally looks like he is showing me off. Which is exactly what he did!

Well, the exhibition was a complete success and I had the best time ever. My very best friends were there on opening night, celebrating what I love most. Love, Light, PaperSpirals and Coffee!Da Capitano Exhibition

I am grateful for all the people I met through this, for all the wonderful conversations had and the connections made. PaperSpirals were received with enthusiasm and I am proud for making quilling a tiny bit more recognizable to my country which is mostly oblivious of this art form.

A huge thanks to Gabriel and Anna, owner of Da Capitano, for all their support. To all friends who were there to share my joy. To my beloved husband for his unwavering belief in me. And to my son who always shines on me.

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