This Kusudama ball is made from 60 individual pieces of recycled pages from a vintage book. All sheets have been hand cut, carefully folded into 12 blooms and assembled to form this unique dodecahedron.

Each of the 12 stamens is handmade from at least 3 chips (36 in total) of Amethyst semi precious healing stones on a wooden button.

Amethyst is one of the most therapeutic and spiritual crystals. It promotes Love of God, enhances intuition and inspires selflessness. It is used to balance emotional turmoil and dissolve anger, fear, loss.

The Kusudama is ready to hang through the attached ribbon or stand on any surface as shown in the pictures.

Further Options

  • A paper bead with a small personalized message (such as “Bloom Stella” shown in the picture) can be added if you so wish.
  • Can be energized with Reiki symbols.
  • Can be instilled through ThetaHealing® techniques with the feeling or intention of your choice.

An irresistible way to showcase the stones you love and transform the atmosphere of your home or office with the help of their healing properties.

Kusudama | Origami Flower Ball
Diameter: ≅ 15 cm