Love Letters


This Kusudama ball is a very unique custom order meant as a gift to a friend’s partner. It is made from 60 individual pieces of high quality paper that are hand cut from printed sheets of love letters that were exchanged in the past between the couple. Different fonts were used to distinguish between her and his words. Each of the square sheets is treated and aged in order to obtain more character and varnish is applied for extra protection. The papers are then carefully folded into blooms and assembled to form this unique dodecahedron.

Each of the 12 stamens is handmade from at least 3 chips (36 in total) of Amethyst semi precious healing stones on a wooden button.

Amethyst is one of the most therapeutic and spiritual crystals. It promotes Love of God, enhances intuition and inspires selflessness. It is used to balance emotional turmoil and dissolve anger, fear, loss.

The Kusudama is ready to hang through the attached ribbon or stand on any surface as shown in the pictures.

It is the perfect love gift, ideal for weddings and paper anniversaries. You cannot get any more personalised than that! More about it here.

Kusudama | Origami Flower Ball
Diameter: ≅ 15 cm