Love Never Fails | Pink Quartz & Jade Stamens


This Kusudama ball is made from 60 individual pieces of high quality paper that are hand cut from printed sheets of the First Epistle to the Corinthians, the famous Hymn to Love. Each of the square sheets is treated and aged in order to obtain more character and varnish is applied for extra protection. The papers are then carefully folded into blooms and assembled to form this unique dodecahedron.

The core of each stamen is handmade from 3 chips (36 in total) of Pink Quartz semi precious healing stones on a wooden button, while the outer halo consists of appx 20 chips (240 in total) of Jade crystals.

Pink Quartz and Jade are traditionally associated with the qualities of the open heart.

Pink Quartz is said to vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love and is used by healers for opening the heart chakra and inviting love.

Jade is believed to bring blessings wherever it stands. It protects from negative energy, promotes love and is a symbol of healthy, loving relationships and marriages.

The Kusudama is ready to hang through the attached ribbon or stand on any surface as shown in the pictures. The language used for printing the hymn is Greek and it is accompanied by a card with details about the passage used.

  • Energised with Reiki symbols.
  • Instilled through ThetaHealing® techniques with the feeling of Unconditional Love.
  • Accompanied by card with details about its creation and the Hymn to Love.

It is the perfect love gift, ideal for weddings and paper anniversaries. Created with the intention to transform the atmosphere around it and serve as a visual reminder that Love Never Fails.

Kusudama | Origami Flower Ball
 Hymn to Love
Diameter: ≅ 18 cm