There Is A Field

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing & right doing
There Is A Field
I will meet you there

This quote by Rumi is the inspiration behind this unique piece of artwork.

The background field of the quilled mosaic is made from strips that were hand cut from old book pages and then individually smudged over black ink pad. The strips are full of words and concepts, a metaphor to our ideas of wrong doing and right doing. From an angle all the layers of printed letters, jumbled photos among words and inked edges come together to bring the life and character needed to juxtapose the world of ideas that hides the field we are looking for.

Among them, beyond them, a vibrant field of flowers, color bursting with life awaits.
There we shall meet.

The artwork has been coated for protection, is ready to hang and holds my signature in the front and back. The frame is a salvaged piece from my stash of vintage finds that I upcycled myself for the purpose of accompanying this mosaic.

Quilled Paper Mosaic/Painting
Original Design:
Erin Curet
31×27 cm (18×13 cm window)