Yeah! Pritesh just announced the results of the challenge she had given us this past month in celebration of her one year of succesful quilling and blogging. And it is Kida Garbo that won it.
Kida Garbo

I have to say that it took me what seemed like ages to finish and I enjoyed every nanosecond of being with it. It was made with much love for my friend Kida and for the art of quilling. I absolutely fell in love with the process and learned sooooo much by experimenting. In fact I think my skill has upgraded significantly with this project and I feel like a winner in many more ways than just the award from Pritesh.

I remember not long ago feeling totally intimidated by quillography and not knowing where to start. Lin gave me the last drop of courage that was needed to fuel up and take the dive, first with The Way and now with this. Thanks for the inspiration Lin!

And of course, a big thanks to Kida herself and to Pritesh for this opportunity and for sharing so much all this past year through her blog. Wishing you many more happy anniversaries Pritesh!

Congratulations to Gordana Mudri for the “Creative Idea” award and to all participants! All Are Best!

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