Truth be told. Quilled art is not meant to be duplicated. And I am not talking about the ‘love how absolutely unique this piece is’ aspect of it. I am talking about how painfully mind boggling it seems to me to duplicate even the simplest of designs. It hurts. Not even in a good way.

That’s why I never (say never) duplicate art pieces. I think it helps me avoid insanity. Plus it results in truly unique pieces of art, so double the benefit for me (and my friends). You may see approximations or similar items, yes, but that is as far as I allow myself to go.

However… (don’t you just hate buts and howevers?) there are some items that need to be replicated. Like my line of greeting cards. Or my jewelry collection and ornaments. Usually, it goes like this… I let creativity replace me and when this burst is over I have a new design in my hands. Hurray! And then the pain comes. OMG! How did I just do this? Did I use this form or that other one? How many strips of paper around which bottle was that? And then I spend an evening of agony trying to figure it all over again from scratch while taking notes this time around. Embarrassing, I know. What’s even more embarrassing is that my obsessive compulsive part is getting really itchy searching through those mix and match forms, containers, needles, glue bottles that help me stay true to my designs. My previous attempt at making some kind of organisational system was a complete FAIL. I meant well but no. The result sucked. I want it all neat and purple and I will not hear a word about it.

Now, I would never have thought that the day would come to actually like this tedious part. It was surprisingly relieving when Erin Curet, beloved fellow quiller, provided the incentive and inspiration. I saw her amazing tutorial on making a stacked quilling form and jumped right in. By following her instructions I made myself this beauty. Super cool, gorgeous AND purple. 🙂

Stacked Quilling Form

For making this I used 1/2 inch paper strips from Erin’s new line and my new paper bead rollers. If you wish to make one for yourself you can order all necessary materials from Little Circles. Or try with what you have on hand.

Paper Bead Rollers

In upgrading my tools selection, I also got me these smaller quilling forms from Quilled Creations. That was definitely a good value for money purchase and would recommend it to fellow quillers.

Border Buddy

So, that’s about it about my new toys. How about you? What is your latest or favorite quilling gadget?

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