Zoe had no idea of what was to come as she stepped out of her doorstep that noon. She had just barely recovered from last day’s grief. She managed to transform it into something creative and today, she woke up in a good mood.

She welcomed the day with a smile. A bright day, one of the first Spring days of the year. The desire to go out and enjoy the light emerged within her almost automatically. She got ready in a hurry -as if she did not have time- and off she went.

Yet at the first step, her impetus froze. A dead robin lying at the doorway. She leaned over, extended her arm and touched the lifeless creature. In a few seconds, the hope was born that the body might still be warm. In just as few, total disappointment had taken its place.

“Could it have been the glass window?
The robin might have mistaken it for emptiness, tried to fly through, and then, the fatal crash?” she wondered.
A moment later, came the inevitable realization: “As if I don’t die myself every time I crash into the emptiness…”

Her steps led her further ahead. Accepting the law of causality. Life and death interrelated and complementary.
Simply, naturally and strictly.

A few hours later. Just before dusk.
Windows wide open for Spring to flow in. The blackbirds’ song completing the scenery.
Suddenly, a sparrow comes rushing in. Enters, flies a spin and comes out in a flash.
Just in time to leave Zoe the message.
Ready from before, she instantly gets it.
She closed her eyes softly. And fell asleep. Having taken a step towards reconciliation.

Amida Marina DelladetsimaAbout The Author

Amida Marina Delladetsima is a Reiki Master, Thai Bodywork practitioner and laughter Yoga Group Leader. Her true essence is laughter and inner joy and her heart blooms when in communion with nature and people. Being creative is her answer to all challenges. Writing short stories is her latest connection to creativity, even though writing has been a life-long friend for her.

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Translated from Greek by Anama Lily | Details on the artwork here

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