Quilling Forms

Custom Tools

After introducing my card series it became obvious that I needed to keep some kind of record for each design so that I can try to duplicate or at least approximate it if I need. Up until now if I wanted to trace something circular I just went around the house and used whatever object […]

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Achievement Accomplished!

Being a mother myself I know by experience how difficult it is at times to reward a good behaviour in the hope of seeing it more often. 9 out of 10 times it simply does not work. But hey… mothers are notorious for their creativity in such things. And for not giving up. Motherhood is […]

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Hollowed Book

This is my first attempt at altered books. I used an old edition of Jules Verne´s “The Kip Brothers” that I found dusting itself in some of my bookcases. Seemed interesting with its red hardcover and retro first pages in green. I mod podged the book inside out 3 times so it is nicely sealed and […]

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