How I Package My Earrings

How I Package My Earrings | Video

As a consumer I deeply appreciate and enjoy thoughtful packaging and I know it can make a difference on the whole experience of a purchase.   There are certain cases where I even go as far as to collect the packaging after I have unboxed its contents. My fellow planners, bullet journalers and Hobonichi lovers […]

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Stacked Quilling Form

Purple Stacked Quilling Form

Truth be told. Quilled art is not meant to be duplicated. And I am not talking about the ‘love how absolutely unique this piece is’ aspect of it. I am talking about how painfully mind boggling it seems to me to duplicate even the simplest of designs. It hurts. Not even in a good way. […]

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Declutter Frenzy

Declutter Frenzy!

This past week I put a pause into quilling and decided to deal with all the clutter of a stash I have been saving over the ages. It seems that I have gathered lots of bits and pieces from here and there with the purpose of transforming them when time allows it but time did […]

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Quilling Forms

Custom Tools

After introducing my card series it became obvious that I needed to keep some kind of record for each design so that I can try to duplicate or at least approximate it if I need. Up until now if I wanted to trace something circular I just went around the house and used whatever object […]

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