Saturday Spotlight On PaperSpirals

Saturday Spotlight shines on PaperSpirals this week and I must admit it feels good! Angie from My So-Called Chaos feautures wonderful bloggers and artists each Saturday for her readers’ pleasure and this weekend it is me under her spotlight. Hop over to her blog to read the interview, which to my pleasant surprise included some […]

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Kusudama | Artifact for Wealth & Prosperity

Blooming Abundance | A Kusudama Artifact

My newest artifact is all about Abundance. Gratitude. And a whole lot of energy transformation. This is my thing and the driving force behind all my artworks. The intention to bring love and light and help transform the atmosphere of a space. To infuse objects with energy and life so that they raise their beholders’ […]

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Kusudama | Love Letters

Blooming June

Sitting Silently Folding Papers June Comes And the Kusudamas Bloom In My Hands June is proving to be the month the Kusudamas bloom. I have long lost count of the petals I folded and I am not nearly done yet! Almost feels awkard that my most popular creation is not a quilled item. Almost. I guess […]

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