Deeply & Completely

My latest quillography artwork is one of the dearest in my heart. Deeply & Completely Accept Yourself is the healing statement used in EFT/Tapping, with which I am currently in a love affair. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a healing modality that relieves from all sorts of stress in the most compassionate, […]

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Kida Garbo

Pritesh´s Blogoversary Challenge

Yeah! Pritesh just announced the results of the challenge she had given us this past month in celebration of her one year of succesful quilling and blogging. And it is Kida Garbo that won it. I have to say that it took me what seemed like ages to finish and I enjoyed every nanosecond of […]

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The Way

I have been meaning to try typography quilling for a while now but felt kinda intimidated. After a talk with Lin I somehow felt ready to dive into it! The concept had popped into my mind a couple of months ago and waited patiently to make it to paper. And here it is now. The Way […]

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