Deeply & Completely

My latest quillography artwork is one of the dearest in my heart. Deeply & Completely Accept Yourself is the healing statement used in EFT/Tapping, with which I am currently in a love affair. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a healing modality that relieves from all sorts of stress in the most compassionate, […]

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Meraviglie Di Carta

Early Santa!

What fool wonders still if Santa exists? How else would this incredible book find its way to my empty hands? I have been drooling over it for some time now and I am so very happy to count it among my library treasures. It was every bit as inspirational as I was hoping for it […]

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Through the looking glass

Through The Looking Glass

If you are a regular follower then you may have noticed that there was an issue with my eye. A disturbance of sorts. Imagine then my surprise when I got contacted by Firmoo a few days ago with an offer for a free pair of eyeglasses. What??? I mean, honestly, I thought I might get […]

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Hip Hip Hurray! My work has been featured on another blog for the first time! The super talented girls from soφαν discovered my spiralling adventures and were kind enough to share the news. And I got a silly smile on my face since I saw it! 🙂 The title goes “Lily´s Spirallings” and truth be told it […]

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