1.1 Intellectual property 

The intellectual property of all the articles contained herein belong to Anama Lily Karagianni. It is forbidden to reproduce, repost and alter them without the written consent of its owner. All rights reserved.

1.2 Content & advice 

The website anamalily.com is a personal and independent blog. The views expressed herein belong to the owner, with the intent of informing, advising or entertain. The information of the articles that express opinion do not substitute the advice of professionals concerning the topic discussed. 

1.3 Affiliate links

Some posts may contain affiliate links – i.e. links that point to products, services or shops. For every purchase through these links, a small percentage is returned to anamalily.com, with no further cost for the buyer, and helps maintain the blog. In any case, the views expressed are personal. 

1.4 Newsletter service

The newsletter service is offered only to the users that choose to do so, by filling the respective forms with the requested data. By filling the data on any form of this blog, you consent to register to the newsletter and receive informative messages. The data collected are used solely for the newsletter service, they are not sold, and they are not forwarded to third parties.

Some messages that are sent to subscribers may contain affiliate links (check above). When this happens, it is clearly stated at the bottom of the message.

A user may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of every message received. If you have trouble with the link, please contact hello@anamalily.com to be removed manually.

We use MailChimp to store and process the newsletter subscribers’ data and every subscriber has the right to have access to their data and to ask to delete them entirely from the database. 

1.5 Comments policy

This website encourages comments on the articles. Every comment is desired and welcome, as long as it uses proper language and in no way offends people. All offensive, slanderous and insulting comments will be deleted. The comments expressed by this website’s users contain their personal opinions and that means that this website may not necessarily adopt them. 


2.1 General 

The use of every webpage and all services offered to the visitor / user by the website anamalily.com requires your implicit consent to the Privacy Policy of this website. Consequently, the visitor / user must read the contents of this page carefully, before using the services of this website. If you do not agree, you must leave this website and MUST NOT use any of its services and content.

This privacy policy may change from time to time according to the legislation or any developments of the field. The users of this webpage will not be informed for these changes. Instead, it is advised that you check this page from time to time for any changes to the privacy policy. By continuing to use the website anamalily.com, even after any change to the Privacy Policy, you implicitly consent to these terms.

2.2 Personal data protection

Your personal data are stored and processed only if it’s absolutely necessary. When this happens, their process is done through the secure protocols SSL and HTPS, a firewall, a security software and regular security scans.

Your personal data will never be sold, rented, distributed or published in any way.

If you are under 16 years of age, you MUST have the consent of your parents before using the services of this website.

2.3 Relevant Legislation

This website is designed specifically to comply with the personal data protection legislations / rules that follow:

  • European Union’s 1995 Data Protection Directive (DPD)
  • European Union’s 2018 General Data Protection Rule (GDPR)

2.4 Personal data that this webpage collects and why

This webpage collects and uses personal data for the following reasons:

2.4.1 Monitoring webpage visits

Like most websites, this one also uses the Google Analytics (GS) service to monitor a user’s behavior. This data is used to define the number of people using the website and to better understand the way they find and use the individual webpages, as well as to track their course through this website. Even though GA records data like your geographical position, your device, your web browser and your operating system, none of this information makes you known to the owner of this website. GA also records your computer IP, which can be used to identify you, but Google does not allow access to this information. We consider Google to be a third-party data controller who complies with the rules of the European legislation.

2.4.2 Subscription forms and email links

In case you choose to contact the owner of this website by using a subscription form or any link of her email, none of the data that you provide will be stored by this website, nor will it be forwarded or be processed by any third-party data controller, as stated below. Instead, this data will be sent to the owner with an email through the SMTP protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The SMTP servers are protected by the TLS security protocol (sometimes known as SSL), which means that the content of the email is encrypted before being sent through the Internet. The content of the email is decrypted at the local PC of the owner.

2.4.3. Contact list processing and newsletters

This service allows the processing of a database containing the email address, phone number or any other information needed to communicate with the user. This service may also collect data that relate to the date and time the user sees a message, as well as interact with it – for example, when he clicks links that are included in the message. For this purpose, we use MailChimp. MailChimp is an email address data processor service, offered by The Rocket Science Group, LLC.

The personal data it collects are: email address, first name and surname. The place of their process is: United States of America.

To learn more about the way MailChimp stores and processes a user’s date, with the intent of sending newsletters, please visit this address: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/


When you write a comment on an article of blog page, you give your first name (publicly visible) and your email address (visible only to the administrator). The content of your comment is publicly visible, and we therefore suggest that you be careful to the amount of personal information you reveal.

2.5 Cookies

2.5.1 What is a cookie?

The term “cookie” refers to a small data file that is entirely made of a series of information in text form, which the webpage transmits to the browser in your computer’s hard drive, either temporarily for the duration of your visit, either for longer periods, depending on the type of the cookie. Cookies have many uses (for example, they distinguish you from the other visitors of a website or remember certain things about you, like your preferences) and are used by most websites to improve your user experience.

Every cookie is unique for your browser and contains some anonymous information. A cookie usually contains the name of the field from which the cookie comes from, its “lifetime” and a value (usually in the form of a unique number that is randomly generated).

2.5.2 Types of cookies

The basic types of cookies that a website may use are described below:

Session cookies

There are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your device’s browser only during your visit and are then deleted when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies

These remain in the cookie file of your device’s browser even when you close your browser, sometime for a year or more (the exact time depends on the lifetime of each cookie). Persistent cookies are used when the administrator of a website needs to know who you are for more than one visits (for example, to remember your username or your preferences considering the parameters of the website).

First-party cookies

These are cookies that get installed on your browser and / or your device’s hard drive by the website you are visiting. This includes the assignment of a unique code to you, to be used for tracking your browsing of the website. Website administrators often use first-party cookies to handle your visits or for identification purposes.

Third-party cookies

These are cookies used by third parties, like social networks, to track your visits in various websites where they advertise themselves. The website administrator has no control over third-party cookies.

2.5.2 Cookies of this website and how to handle them

In this website we use cookies to enhance the visitors’ user experience. The functions of the website will be severely affected if you deactivate or if you do not consent to the use of cookies.

Below you will find information about the third-party cookies this website uses, including the way to deactivate them and the was this website will be influenced when you do. If you need further information on how to handle specific types of cookies, including the way to control or delete them, please visit: www.aboutcookies.org.

Google Analytics Cookies

Google Analytics cookies are performance analysis / recording cookies that allow the collection of anonymous information as to how someone uses a specific website. These cookies can inform the owner about the number of people using the website, and the time and duration of their visit. They also give information as to the way a visitor browses the various pages of the website. This information can help improve the functionality of the website. The information is anonymous and it does not include any personal data.

The information gathered by Google Analytics cookies about this specific website is transferred and stored in Google’s servers according to Google’s privacy policy.

For more information regarding Google Analytics, please use the following link: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245

You can deactivate Google Analytics tracking by using the following link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en=GB

If you deactivate these cookies your usage of this website will not be counted, neither will be used in the statistics we gather to improve this website’s services. The functionality of this website will not be affected.

Social network cookies

Third-party social networks can install cookies in your device if you choose to share the material of this website, by clicking one of the share buttons. If you deactivate these cookies, you will not be able to share anything on social networks.

2.6 Regarding the server of this website

All Internet activities (file transfers) between this website and your browser is encrypted and transferred through the HTTPS protocol by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

2.7 Third-party data processing

The owner uses several third-party services to process personal data on her behalf. These services were carefully chosen to comply with the legislation mentioned in this text.

2.8 Data breach

The owner will take every necessary measure to protect your personal information stored in her database.

The owner will report any illegal breach of this website’s database or of any third-party database to any and all interested parties, like the authorities, within 72 hours from the breach, if it’s obvious that the personal information stored in recognizable form, have been stolen.