I have been waiting for this book for a long long time. I knew it was coming and I knew it would be delicious. Not only did it not fail me but it somehow managed to exceed my expectations. And that is not an easy task in case you were wondering.

Recently I have been contacted and offered a copy in exchange for an honest review. Yes, please! Although be warned, I cannot promise for an impartial take on it. See, the author, Erin Perkins Curet, is first and foremost a beloved friend and we share a bond I would never have expected to find in an online relationship. Aside from an inspired and inspiring artist, a fellow paper lover and a heart-centered entrepreneur, I have seen in her a deeply caring person, an adventurous soul, a fearless mom and a supportive, most generous and warm friend. We might be miles apart and have never met in person but I have been blessed to count her among the treasures in my life.

If you think that it’s all irrelevant to the book, think again. This is not just your average manual on quilling. This is a labor of love and passion and generosity. All the author’s qualities are shining through and color the pages with a light that is guaranteed to inspire you.

The Art Of Modern QuillingTitle: The Art Of Modern Quilling
Author: Erin Perkins Curet
Publisher: Quarry Books
Language: English
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 21,5×28 cm
ISBN: 978-1-63159-603-2
Link For Signed Copy: The Art Of Modern Quilling

Through stunning photos, meticulous instructions and the know-how of a pro, the book will take you on a paper adventure that starts at the very beginnings of a novice and ends in mastering everything you need to know to unleash your creativity through quilling. Project after project, you will learn about the basics, the tools, the skills needed, tips to make your life easier, and you will be flooded with ideas of your own.

Mind you, the projects are not for the faint-hearted. A novice will find everything there is to know to complete them in the book except for one thing. Meraki*. You will have to provide that yourself. Quilling is not a difficult art. Dedication is. If you are not committed to learning, if you do not have a passion for paper, you will not be able to go far beyond the basics. If you do though, then this book will propel your skills and flood you with inspiration.

Now, the good news is I am already the proud owner of a signed copy. That means I have an extra copy to share with you all! For entering you just need to subscribe to my newsletter (be sure to tick the email option!), follow me on Instagram and leave a comment on the Instagram post about the giveaway. It will run until 30/04/2016 and on the 1st of May I will pick and announce the winner. Best of luck and happy rolling!

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