Do you also get annoyed by people coming to you with ideas on how to improve your art, or is it just me? I bet you know the drill. It always starts with a huge compliment. Your work is awesome, breathtaking, stunning or something along these lines. And then, after that introductory, rapport building, heart warming approach you are bombarded with an ocean of ideas. More like suggestions. More like unsolicited advice. You know, you should try this, fix that, use the other, make it smaller, make it bigger, add this, remove that, what if you did the other? It somehow seems that everybody else knows better than me how to promote my art and yes, how to actually express my inspiration.

Do not get me wrong. I love an honest feedback and I am the queen of brainstorming. But I am not talking about that. I am talking about that other approach, the one that stinks of I know better than you, I could do it better than you, I will devour this piece for my own satisfaction.

Yes… it is always fascinating to see how we people are oblivious to our subconscious agenda, the hidden detriments to our behavior. My son, with his 9 year old wisdom and innocence has discovered how frustrating this can be at times. In the summer he was trying to learn how to float on his back at the sea. He knows how to swim and how to dive but floating escaped him. I told him the only advice that seemed relevant. Just relax. And then left him to battle with his own demons while I watched. He tried and he tried and he yet again tried until he could not try anymore and came furious and perplexed out of the water. I do not understand! I am keeping my face calm and don’t show any kind of worry or anxiety. I seem totally relaxed. How does that damn sea know I am anxious? And that’s that. The sea always knows what’s going on beneath the surface.
Square Canvas Clock

Anyway… I am rambling and what that has to do with clocks? Well, clock was the universal idea of everyone on what I should do. You know what? You should make a clock. You know what would be perfect? A clock. Why don’t you make a clock? Would love to see a quilled clock. Jesus! No, No, No and No. I am reduced to a five year old and will go all tantrumy and will never ever ever make a quilled clock! Get over it. Make it yourself and leave me alone! I do not like clocks, I do not wear one, I just want to be in the present with no time and forget all about clocks. I WILL NOT MAKE A CLOCK!
Square Canvas Clock
My tantrum lasted about oh… a couple of years. And then I woke up one day with the urge to make a clock. Wow, How about that? I said to myself. I guess Time’s Up. Hmm & Hmm.

This is part of the story behind my first quilled clock. It’s all made with (my new favorite) Culture Pop paper strips from Erin’s shop and the quilled design is glued to a square canvas that is hand painted in the most beautiful greens I have ever seen. I don’t quite believe what I am saying but it’s true. I love this clock. I would proudly hang it in my home. Although I would probably remove the batteries as a symbolic testament to my devotion to the Present. I am that kind of girl, yes.
Square Canvas Clock

It just so happened that while making this, Erin announced a quilling contest and so the clock found its way to competition. Grand prize is a super pack of paper strips and I am drooling all over them! I want to bathe in Culture Pop paper strips like Skroutz McDuck bathes in coins!

The photos of all competing artworks are published on facebook and the winner will be determined by counting the likes, comments & shares of each photo. It goes without saying that I would be grateful if you took a moment to help out with this. Click here & like, comment, share. The response of all friends yesterday was overwhelming and I cannot thank you enough for all the love & support. I have made plans with the universe and you will all get rewarded with loads of good karma points for this guys.

Thank You!

*Update: Links to the contest no longer work, so I removed them 🙂 If you are curious about what happened, jump here for the results!

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