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Welcome Home!

Welcome, Welcome All to my new home! I have been working on my new site in the background for some time now and I am very excited to finally share it with you all! After years in quilling, I felt like I was almost ready to upgrade my game and almost ready is the perfect place […]

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Saturday Spotlight On PaperSpirals

Saturday Spotlight shines on PaperSpirals this week and I must admit it feels good! Angie from My So-Called Chaos feautures wonderful bloggers and artists each Saturday for her readers’ pleasure and this weekend it is me under her spotlight. Hop over to her blog to read the interview, which to my pleasant surprise included some […]

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Square Canvas Clock

Time’s Up!

Do you also get annoyed by people coming to you with ideas on how to improve your art, or is it just me? I bet you know the drill. It always starts with a huge compliment. Your work is awesome, breathtaking, stunning or something along these lines. And then, after that introductory, rapport building, heart […]

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Da Capitano Exhibition

Love & Light & PaperSpirals & Coffee

Hey! As you may have noticed I have disappeared from the blog and facebook after announcing my upcoming exhibition and I just thought it was about time to fill you in on some news. It has been a chaos of a month! It all started when Gabriel met PaperSpirals and it has been rippling ever since. […]

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Drum Roll

Told you I am planning something, didn’t I?! My PaperSpirals are going to their first exhibition and I could not be any more proud and grateful. Looking back on my early beginnings in quilling as a fascinated newbie in love with paper and spirals, I can tell you one thing. I never, ever imagined the […]

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Jewel In The Lotus

Discovering The Jewel In The Lotus

After the last big canvas, I had the urge to return to small scale (only to take a breath before diving into my next project). This little cutie measures 13×18 cm and strikes a cord through its simple yet profound sentiment. I can picture it on the wall of a kid’s room setting the tone […]

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Meraviglie Di Carta

Early Santa!

What fool wonders still if Santa exists? How else would this incredible book find its way to my empty hands? I have been drooling over it for some time now and I am so very happy to count it among my library treasures. It was every bit as inspirational as I was hoping for it […]

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